St Ambrose's Parish Centre
Contact can be made with Mary Preston, the Bookings Secretary, via: 07513 295817

St. Ambrose’s Parish Centre
Leswell Street
DY10 1RP

Information sheet (please use to help complete booking form, and then keep for reference)

By signing the form, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old, and agree to be present for the duration of the hire (no sub-letting allowed) and to comply fully with all aspects of this document.

Function: Type
Please specify the nature of the event.  If a birthday party, state the age.

The booking must include arrival, setting-up, the event itself, clearing-away (you should allow at least 30 minutes for this if a full party) and departure; therefore, put the earliest that you will come and the latest that you will leave.  If there will be any time when no one will be present in the venue, such as going home to change or into Church, please state this so that the caretaker  know wha time to be there to meet you and see you out.

Once                Regular (please specify how often)

Borromeo Hall               Adams Lounge          
Limit: 120                        60               
These numbers must never be exceeded, and are ‘best case scenario’ with furniture disregarded.
The lavatories in the Hall foyer are for Parish use when the Hall is occupied.

Kitchen        Catering (if you would like this done for you) please inform the             Bookings Secretary, who will advise                    

Furniture arrangements: You will be contacted 2 days before the event.
Any special requirements
If any equipment is to be used (eg, a bouncy castle – the ceiling is 9 ' 3 " in the Borromeo Hall, 8 ' 8 " in the Adams Lounge and 8 ' 7 " in the Montini Room), note that the responsibility for organising and supervising it is yours.  Please state what (other) entertainment you have planned, whether the event is a surprise, and anything else of note.


£19 per hour for Bookings of 4 hours or less

£17 per hour  for Bookings over 4 hours

Part hours are calculated accordingly, down to 30-minute increments

Hire: the price for the venue and facilities, excluding the indemnity (see over).
Deposit: at least 50% of the hire, which is non-refundable.  The booking remains provisional until the form and deposit have been received by the Bookings Secretary, which should be within 7 days of the date it is sent.

Indemnity: £50.  This amount will be refunded to the hirer, using the details on the booking form unless otherwise instructed, by cheque within 28 working days of the end of the hire period provided that no damage or loss has been caused to the premises and its contents; no complaints have been received regarding noise or other disturbance during hire; and no further money is owed.  If the amount is paid by cheque, this must be banked, rather than kept ‘on file’ for return later, to satisfy the auditors’ wishes.

Outstanding: this must be paid by at least 14 days before the event.  If the booking itself is made less than 2 weeks before the event happens, full payment is due immediately.

Payment methods are cash and/or cheque (made payable to ‘St Ambrose’s Parish’) only, and must be in an envelope, clearly marked ‘Bookings Secretary’ with relevant booking information, especially if the booking form has already been submitted.  All correspondence must go to St Ambrose’s Rectory, the full address of which is on the booking form..  If not sending a cheque through the post, you may simply put the envelope through the Rectory door without handing it to anyone.  Provided that these instructions are followed, your money should be perfectly safe.

Should a cancellation be necessary, then half of the hire amount will be refunded so long as at least 30 days’ notice is given.  The indemnity fee will always be returned if an event has not occurred.

There is no permanently stocked and licensed bar facility available on site, meaning that you are welcome to bring your own drinks or encourage your guests to do so.  If you choose either of these options, you will need to nominate two stewards who will be personally present throughout the hire period, to monitor and be responsible for alcohol consumption; a separate form will have to be completed for this.  Should you wish to hire a bar from the outside, then you will have to investigate the options for this.

The car park is used by multiple organisations.  Please be mindful not to park in any way that might block others, and be aware of times when it is preferable for no vehicles to be moving (eg, during term when school children are being dropped off and picked up).  The main entrance, including the defibrillator cabinet on the wall, must never be blocked, for example by DJs and other entertainers dropping off and removing equipment.

The Centre relies on the goodwill of nearby residents; therefore, please ensure that noise is kept to a minimum.  ANY MUSIC MUST BE TURNED OFF BY 10:30 PM. AND THE PREMISES SHOULD BE VACATED BY 11 PM. The doors at the back of the Borromeo Hall and Adams Lounge are to be used only in emergencies, and should, therefore, remain closed.  The garden at the rear is private property, as is the area around the school and its caretaker’s house.

Smoking (including ‘Vaping’ & ‘e-cigarettes) is not allowed anywhere inside the building.  All escape routes and exits must be kept clear.  No dogs except Assistance dogs.


The venue must be left in the same condition as it was found.  Be careful with tack on bricks, and tape on glass and wood; cotton wool is banned.  Please respect religious items (eg, crucifixes and holy pictures), too, by not covering them, and ensure that no activity risks offending the Catholic ethos.

The Parish has public liability insurance, but cannot accept liability for any activity being undertaken on its premises; therefore, hirers are encouraged to consider taking out an insurance policy.  The Centre does not have ‘TheMusicLicence’, and so hirers should ensure that they or their DJs have this.  Other entertainers, such as live bands and circus acts, should also have the correct performing rights licence.

The Centre management reserves the right to cancel an event at any point (before and even during) if circumstances merit it.  Also, please note that, if the £50 indemnity payment does not cover expenses incurred by irresponsible hire, the Parish might seek the difference through legal channels.  Finally, these terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

What next?
Please complete the (enclosed) booking form as fully as possible, then sign and return it to the address specified on that document.  If you have any queries, contact the Bookings Secretary on 07513 295817 or send a message to bookings.stambrose@gmail.com.  Thank you.

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