Font Welcome to the parish website of St Ambrose's, Kidderminster. We are beginning A YEAR FOR OUR PARISH, in which we will try to raise the profile of the parish in our homes, in our families and in our own personal lives.

One parishioner says we must 'THINK PARISH'. Our membership of the parish calls for us to offer some of our time to its life and work. We have many different groups - pastoral, sacramental, social - and many activities in which our parishioners are involved. All will seek to attract new members, new participants: all with the aim of becoming ONE SPIRIT, ONE BODY IN CHRIST.

We hope, also, to renew our pattern of worship, making the Mass the centre and the impulse of all that we do together, A completely new approach in our parish to support our families in the religious upbringing of their children is being introduced, and the explanatory letter follows this notice.

New Guidelines for the Reception of Early Sacraments

We have dedicated this year to the Holy Family of JESUS, MARY & JOSEPH and we pray that in our homes, our families and our school we may be, "wherever we may be, faithful members of God's Holy People" (Rite of Baptism).

Fr Douglas Lamb, Parish Priest.

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